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The Lingerie Company Standing Against Traditional Lingerie

December 19, 2019

The Lingerie Company Standing Against Traditional Lingerie

Ever since the 1960's when lingerie companies began to over glamorize and sexualize lingerie, women have felt the need to change into something "sexy" before having sex. Have you EVER seen a man feel the need to change into something sexy before having sex; HELL NO! It is a completely ridiculous concept. A piece of fabric is not what a man is attracted to. You are what men are attracted to. You and your confidence in yourself is what is sexy, not a piece of lingerie. Women think that lingerie will boost their confidence, and that may be true for the moment that you're wearing it, but in reality it will deflate your confidence. The next time you are in the mood, but aren't in some "sexy" lingerie you will feel less confident in your own body. Some women use this type of lingerie as a signal that they want to have sex, but can't we use another less degrading signal like using our voice or maybe simply being NAKED? My husband's favorite quote to say to me is "the best kind of underwear is the kind that is on the floor" and I love that. There is nothing more encouraging than hearing that my husband doesn't have unrealistic expectations or fantasies that I have to live up to.

We don't need to spend hundreds of dollars on a special set of "sexy lingerie." At Retort we want to stand against this dated concept by promising not to capitalize on over sexualized lingerie. We want to be the new kind of lingerie that focuses on making YOU feel comfortable, confident, and powerful. We want your everyday underwear to be good enough for sex, because you are what is sexy - not your underwear. 


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