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About us

noun  re·tort
Definition of retort

  1. :  a quick, witty, or cutting reply; especially :  one that turns back or counters the first speaker's words 2017. (22 Jan. 2017)

Everyday Underwear for the Modern Woman

Retort Lingerie was founded on the idea that buying everyday bras and panties shouldn’t have to be a difficult or compromising process.

In an industry saturated with hyper-sexualized and unrealistic body imagery, our mission (or “retort” if you will) is to bring you lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and sexy every day, and to present it in a way that makes you feel emboldened rather than objectified.

We’re a small, woman run company located in Los Angeles, CA. Similar to a traditional brick & mortar boutique store, we feature a highly curated collection of brands that we feel exemplify our mission. While our goal is to be inclusive of all shapes and sizes, please be patient with us while we grow and expand our inventory. If we don’t carry your size in particular item or there’s a brand or style you’d like us to carry let us know. We want to support you and need your feedback to do so, so please don’t be shy.

Support the Ladies 

Our number one goal at Retort is to support you, the ladies, in every sense of the word.

First, we strive to create a welcoming, inclusive and empowering environment for you to shop in.

Second, by making the shopping process as easy and fun as possible; we work to provide a range of styles to fit your needs, while not overburdening you with inventory. Want a wire-free bralette? Prefer something with a little more padding? We have you covered. We pride ourselves on bringing you quality brands that are supportive, comfortable, beautiful and affordable.

Third, by giving back. Retort Lingerie is proud to donate 1% of all sales to women’s organizations that support our ideals of female empowerment and equality. Learn more about our current featured organization here

About our Founder

A former lawyer, women’s political advocate, and the daughter of an intimate apparel buyer, Retort Lingerie brought together the disparate talents and passions of its founder Whitney Shingleton. While working part-time at a lingerie store during law school, she learned the fundamentals of the industry. However, it wasn't until years later, frustrated by the constant search for simple, everyday bras and panties, that Whitney would have the idea to launch her own store - focusing on beautiful basics and presented in a way that stayed true to her feminist roots.