Retort Lingerie | About Us

Our Mission and Vision

At Retort Lingerie, we know you don't need lingerie to make you look good, which is why we strive to sell lingerie that makes you feel good. We sell items that are comfortable and functional for everyday wear. 

Our Retort promise is to never capitalize on overpriced and over-sexulized lingerie. That means no corsets, no garters, no fishnets, and definitely no costumes. Retort Lingerie is the new, modern lingerie company that empowers women rather than objectifying them. Our mission is to redefine the term lingerie to lower the impossible standards women are expected to live up to. 

We believe all women are beautiful and powerful.

Support the Ladies 

Our number one goal at Retort is to support you, the ladies, in every sense of the word.

This is why we are proud to donate 1% of all sales to women’s organizations that support our ideals of female empowerment and equality. Learn more about our current featured organization here.