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Donating to Support Women in Afghanistan

Donating to Support Women in Afghanistan

As you all know, we typically donate 1% of our sales to organizations that support women. Each quarter we choose an organization to support based on polls on our Instagram. With the tragedy that is taking place in Afghanistan, we are heartbroken thinking about what women might endure. From 8/19 through the end of September we are increasing our donation amount from 1% to 20% and we will be giving to Women For Afghan Women

What is Women for Afghan Women doing to help right now? See below for a statement from their organization. 

"Over the past few weeks, we have been working relentlessly, 24/7, to keep our clients, staff, and families alive and safe. We are evacuating centers, pausing operations, and continually assessing risks. We are working day and night to provide safe shelter, resources, and aid to keep the thousands of women, children, families, and the staff who are under our care."

If you are interested in helping to keep Afghan women safe, donate here


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